Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department, Unity Township Company #2

Founded in 1931

The Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department is in the northern part of the township, situated right outside The City of Latrobe. The Lloydsville VFD is responsible for protecting 27 square miles of the township and has an area that includes residential, rural, and commercial properties.

The Lloydsville VFD has been helping surrounding communities even before they became officially chartered in 1931. It was these communities that helped them bounce back from an unfortunate setback in 1986.

On January 9th the Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department caught fire and burned. The department lost garages, and a tanker engine sending them into debt and forcing them to rebuild their station. But Lloydsville bounced back. They hosted a grand reopening celebration in September of that year. At the same time, they secured a replacement tanker truck allowing them to return an engine on loan from the Levelgreen Volunteer Fire Department in Trafford. Lloydsville Continued to rebound by being a founding member of the Westmoreland County Swift Water Rescue Team in 1995, alongside New Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department, and has been the home of the team ever since. 

The department is also a part of the Westmoreland County Technical Rescue Team. Contrary to their name, the department doesnt only serve the village of the Lloydsville, as their service area includes nearby railroad, and as far as the Unity Township portion of Twin Lakes Park. The department currently have 20 active members who participate in hundreds of hours of training, and an average of 500 calls for service annually. 

Contact Us

Mailing Address: PO Box 403 Latrobe, Pa 15650 Physical Address: 208 Dickens StreetPO Box 403Latrobe, PA 1565 Phone: 724-537-9872 Website: lloydsvillevfd.org

Our Apparatus

our members

Brian Schulthies

Chief, FFII

Mitchell Samick

Asst Chief, FFII, EMT

James Jellison Jr.

Firefighter I, PHRN

David Vogle

Captain, FFII

Nicholas Rubino

Lieutenant, FFII, EMT

Thomas McDowell

Safety Officer, FFI, PHRN

Scott Campbell


Christopher Cavalier

Firefighter 2

Gauge Ellenberger

Junior Firefighter

Joshua Ellenberger

Prob. Firefighter

James Fritz


Andrew Fry


John Gessler


Tyler Himler

Lieutenant, FFII, Paramedic

Arnie Hoffer


James Jellison Sr.

FF1, Engineer

Kristen Jones


Robert Keefer

Firefighter, EMT

Brian King

Firefighter 1

Jack Klien


Dennis Lehman


Gerry McCracken


Terry Noel


Leanne Rubino


Katie Samick

Firefighter, Photographer

Thomas Schulthies

Firefighter 1

Luke Stynchula

Firefighter 1

William Walter

Firefighter 1, H20 Captian

Mark Sighman

Associate Firefighter

Kayla Hawkin

Associate Members

Anne Couchenhour

Associate Members

Amanda Walters

Associate Members

Kelly Jellison

Associate Members

Sally Jellison

Associate Members

Lori Hoffer

Associate Member

Katherine Couchenour

Associate Member